Before I kick the law school bucket…

Yesterday, I decided I would be attending Notre Dame Law School. Now the real work begins.

As the days and weeks go by I’m becoming increasingly aware that, starting in August, I’m going to be busier than I ever have been for about three or four years. Maybe longer. A few weeks ago when I was touring Tulane, I asked our tour guide (a 3L) if we should begin studying The Bluebook, other writing guides, really anything to start preparing. She rolled here eyes, not in a demeaning way, and said “My advice to you is to take these next five months and enjoy them. Do the things you want to do, because you won’t have the time once law school starts.” To that end, I’ve composed a “Bucket List” of things to do before I start law school.

Snow’s BBQ. (Accomplished 03/13/2010)

Finish chopping down tree at the farm.

Go to Retrospective.

Drink a Dublin Dr.  Pepper.

Tour St. Arnold’s Brewery.

Complete my Blair Genealogy Project.

Eat Chicken-Fried Bacon at Sodolak’s Country Inn in Snook, Texas. (Accomplished 03/13/2010)

Attend Willie Nelson’s Fourth of July Picnic.

Go camping with friends somewhere.

Float the River.

Eat a really, really good chicken fried steak.

Visit the Alamo.

Learn a little bit of Spanish.

Read the Bible.

Learn how to hunt, or at least how to handle a gun.

Take country-western dance lessons.

Tour the Hill Country during bluebonnet season with Mom.

Gruene Hall.

Luchenback, Texas.


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