This is why I never watch Sportscenter anymore

NBA Playoffs begin. Baseball is starting up. NFL Draft talk is in full swing…Mid-April is a great time for sports. Then ESPN has to go and ruin it all.

So this morning I’m basking in the warm afterglow of a Rockets blowout playoff win. I’m having bacon and eggs at my parents’ house and I flip on Disney Sports Channel to watch highlights from the night before. I watch the first segment and I couldn’t believe what I saw.

“Dad, give me your watch,” I said as I rewround the show. “I’m putting this on a timer.”

Here was the order of highlight packages of the first segment: Mavs-Spurs, Rockets-Blazers, Bulls-Celtics, and the 22-4 drubbing that the Cleveland Indians put on the Yankees. See that I can understand. Three opening round NBA playoff game highlights, plus a historic low for the most popular baseball team in the world. Then you save the Cleveland LeBrons-Pistons highlights for the next segment to get people to stay through the commercial. Fair enough. But the time spent on each…

Mavs-Spurs     –     2 min 5 sec

Rockers – Blazers      –     2 min 7 sec

Bulls – Celtics     –     3 min 48 sec

Cleveland – Yankees     –     4 min

They spent almost as much time on a Yankees loss in April as they did two NBA playoff games combined! I understand it was an epic defeat, but it’s APRIL BASEBALL!! First, ESPN showed highlights of every run scored by Cleveland in the 14-run second, complete with a counter at the bottom of the screen. Then, they did a breakout piece by Tim Kurkjian putting the loss in historical context. Then they went back to the game highlightsto show the conclusion. Then they showed the box score. THEN they showed Yankee pitcher Chien Ming Wang’s abysmal early season stats. THEN they showed the New York Post’s reaction. “Stinkees.” How original.

I mean, it’s not like NBA Game 1s are important. The winner only goes on to win the serious almost 80% of the time. It only has implications for how the entire season ends up.

Oh A-Rod, Let Me Count the Ways....xoxoxoxoxo ESPN

Oh A-Rod, Let Me Count the Ways....xoxoxoxoxo ESPN


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    now you’re bloggin’

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