Ranking the $1.50 Masters Sandwiches

One of the million little things that set the Masters apart from other golf tournaments is the affordability inside the gate. At other majors they try to milk every last cent out of you. I mean, the US Open is still my favorite major, but at Torrey Pines last year I paid $2 for a slimy old banana and $4 for a cup of beer. The Masters sandwiches in green wrapping paper are the exact opposite of this sentiment. At the Masters this year I paid $1.50 per sandwich and $1.50 per cup of sweet tea and/or Coke. I ran the gamut of the entire Masters sandwich derby, with the exception of turkey. Basically I figured that I eat turkey so much that why waste valuable stomach space on what would ultimately be another turkey sandwich? Here are my rankings.

The famous pimento cheese.

The famous pimento cheese.

4) Pimento Cheese

Okay, so this is the most famous sandwich at the Masters. Everyone always talks about the pimento cheese sandwich. I found out that the reason everyone talks about it isn’t because of how good it is, but by how oddball it is. Only the Masters would serve this and get away with it. It wasn’t that bad, just odd. It tasted way too processed. Essentially, it was cheese goo. In contrast, the chef at the place I valet-parked served some homemade pimento cheese and it was excellent. I acquiesced that this sandwich might be an acquired taste, and resolved to give it a second chance. However, I liked one of the sandwiched below so much that I never got around to it.

3) Tuna on Wheat

I’ve never been a big fan of tuna salad. I don’t dislike it, just merely tolerate it. If someone is making tuna sandwiches I’ll take one. The alternative is getting up and making my own sandwich, and forget that. This sandwich was pretty good. The strong wheat taste contrasted the essential mayo-ness of the tuna salad. I decided that for future reference all tuna sandwiches should be on wheat bread.

2) Ham and Cheese on Rye

Surprising. I hate ham and cheese, but I liked this. Like the tuna, the bread is what made this (true of all Masters sandwiches). The intense rye flavor was perfect. And instead of bland cheddar Kraft slices they used swiss cheese. They also threw down a spicy mustard. I would eat ham and cheese more often if it was made like this.

1) Egg Salad

Golfer Stewart Cink doesn’t eat egg salad sandwiches, but makes an exception for the Masters. Picking one of these up during practice rounds. I agree with Stewie, these are the winners. Again, the secret is in the bread. Classic white slices are almost sweet. I pounded about five of these during the course of the tournament. Pair with sweet tea. Perfect.

Oh, and Angel Cabrera won a golf tournament in a playoff. More on that later.


One response to “Ranking the $1.50 Masters Sandwiches

  1. Told ya the bread makes it. Culinary key.

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